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  • For unleashing your divine creativity
  • For embracing the gift of prophecy in the arts
  • For sharing the heart of God with others

What is prophetic art? 

The Gift of Propehcy + Creativity = Prophetic Art

Scripture tells us to eagerly seek the gift of prophecy. This gift is to encourage, edify, and call out the good in people—to reveal God’s heart for them. You were created in the image of the Creator; creativity is your divine inheritance. And it’s an inheritance you get to share with others.

How can you create prophetic art?

Listen to God, hear His heart for someone, and creatively share it with them. Just like traditional art, prophetic art crosses the spectrum of media. You might work with linen canvases, your vocal chords, pen & paper, pixels, restaurant napkins…the options are as countless as the people who create with them.

What can you do with prophetic art?

Anything that encourages, celebrates, heartens, emboldens, and otherwise blesses someone! Prophetic artwork has opened the door to breakthrough, physical and emotional healing, relationship with God, and more. Have a story to share? Connect with us!

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PS: We’re still new, so thanks for your patience as we continue to add helpful resources and information. And feel free to let us know if you find anything that a prophetic art community could benefit from.


Heaven to E(art)h