Bringing Heaven to Earth

At the heart of prophetic art is the creativity sourced in a heavenly perspective. Here’s an example: A few years ago, a woman visited the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church in the fall. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Her doctors had told her that she should celebrate Christmas early because she probably wouldn’t live until December. She was out of options and out of hope when she arrived. Among other difficulties, she had tunnel vision. In the Encounter Room—where prophetic art and music is being created while people wait for prayer—the woman saw a painting with the word “hope” across it. She stood in front of it and started to weep. As God began to restore her hope, her tunnel vision disappeared, and she could see things around her as she once had been able to.  Then, a warm liquid began to run from her ear. The tumor was dissolving. Even before she returned home and confirmed with her doctors, she knew she had been healed.

Stage 4 cancer—or any illness—does not exist in Heaven. We can partner with God to bring that Kingdom reality to the world around us. Here are some resources that help awaken our awareness of living from heaven to earth. (Click on the images or titles for more information.)

Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle :: Learn how to  grow the gifts of the Spirit in your life and expand from a natural perspective to a supernatural, Kingdom-based perspective.

Prayers from the Throne of God :: We are seated with Christ in heaven, but how do we live and pray with that reality in our minds and hearts? In his foreword to the book Jack Hayford writes: “Never have I seen a more concise, yet complete, outline of dynamic keys to spiritually impacted prayer.”

Refractions :: Luminous and lovely, Makoto Fujimura’s inspiring collection of art, writings, and prayers invites you into a conversation about the faith journey.

When Heaven Invades Earth :: When Jesus taught how to pray, he said, “on earth as it is in heaven.” We are to be contending for that–just as we are to be doing what Jesus did…and more! Prepare for a life of the miraculous.


Heaven to E(art)h