Classes & Courses

Want to learn more about prophetic art and how to create it? Here are some classes and courses that will equip you to move forward:

Eyes of the Heart: Prophetic Art Workshop :: During the day-long workshop, “Eyes of the Heart,” we’ll blend encounter, lecture, hands-on participation, and outreach as we adventure in the prophetic arts. We’ll examine the scriptural basis for this art form, understand the prophetic as it combines with the arts, see how artists throughout history have been prophetic, hear of contemporary practitioners and their stories, get activated in Kingdom creativity, and even begin to get the arts into our community.

Gathering of Artisans :: We know God is raising up an army of artists and our vision for these weekends is a powerful time of worship, mentoring & creative expression centered in the Presence of God and the community of artisans – both master & emerging.  We have intentionally planned these events in an environment conducive to building relationships and growing together in unity.  We look forward to a time of refreshing, renewal and rekindling of vision as God’s Army of Kingdom Creatives.

Small Group Study from StoneWorks: A Global Arts Initiative :: The “Stone by Stone” curriculum, a joint venture by StoneWorks and InterVarsity 2100 Productions, is designed for artists and emerging artists who want to discuss how to connect their creative gifts with God’s redemptive purposes. It is ideal for university arts students, a small group of artists within a church, and members of a music group, orchestra, or dance/theatre company who meet for worship and devotions.

Heaven to E(art)h