“Even as someone with the gift of prophecy can hear from God about an individual or situation and deliver [that message] through word or song, so can a dancer with the gift of prophecy hear from God and deliver a message through movement.”—Lynn Hayden

In Psalms 20:11 we read that our mourning is turned into dancing. In Psalms 149:3 and 150:4, we are encouraged to praise God’s name with dance. Ecclesiastes 3:4 reminds us there is a time to dance.

In Saara Tania’s book, Dance Pastor, she mentions how dance can “call out the gold” in someone—even if you discern a negative in their life. Saara she uses Ezekiel as an example: though he saw a vision of dry bones, he didn’t prophesy the death he saw; he prophesied life. Dance can prophesy to metaphorical and literal bones as you call out the gold in others by moving heaven to earth.

We’ll add more books and websites as we find them. Meanwhile, click on the image icons or highlighted links for more information:

Dancing for Him Ministries :: “Do we not speak with our bodies through the dancer’s language of movement? We can tell a story with our bodies even if there is no music at all. As Spirit filled believers, our bodies can speak divinely inspired utterances. We can call those things into existence that be not as though they were.”

Dance Pastor

Dance Pastor :: We’re thrilled to find this resource by Finnish dancer, Saara Taina. She lays out simple guidelines for practicing and pastoring dance that reflects the heart of heaven. Learn the four core values of dance ministry, how to prophecy with dance, and much more. She writes of her dance ministry: “People should always feel like they have been ‘kissed by Jesus’ when we minister to them, and at the very least leave feeling loved and honored by us” (Page 113).

Imaginaire! Performing Arts Ministry :: This is a dynamic performance group.  Their website is in Spanish, so here’s a photo to capture a bit of their spirit:

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 6.58.42 PM


Heaven to E(art)h