Visual Art

A note: though visual art encompasses a vast array of media, for now we’re focusing primarily on two-dimensional arts because of their flexibility and relative portability. Below, you’ll see suggestions for supplies and resources that work well in a home studio or stage platform (for worship arts) as well as some of our favorite travel essentials (for personal or missional journeys).  Click the image icons for more product information. We’ll be adding new resources continually….

*Avoid oil paints in public spaces, since the odors and clean up can be difficult.


Canvas Packs ::  These come in a spectrum of sizes and are an easy, affordable way to be ready when inspiration strikes. After years of stretching our own canvases (and having bloody knuckles to prove it!) we’ve embrace the economy and ease of pre-stretched!

Easel :: We’ve used this one for over a decade, indoors and out; it’s still going strong. Of course, you can adjust it for multiple canvas heights. And if you’re working on paper, you can find a large piece of masonite board, secure it as you would a canvas, and then tape your paper to the board.


Travel Watercolor Set :: Any of Windsor Newton’s tiny, portable watercolor sets are grand to have for grab-and-go creation. Pop one into your purse or pocket and be ready to paint at a restaurant, in the park, on the plane…anywhere at all!

Travel Watercolor Brush :: And in case you want the ultimate in portable watercoloring options…these refillable watercolor brushes hold up to 10ml of water, allowing you to easily paint on the go with minimal clean-up. Of the size options, we like the fine tip best; just use the length of the bristles for wider brushstrokes.

Mixed Media Sketchbook :: This sketchbook is perfectly portable. The paper is lighter weight than watercolor paper, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold a light watercolor wash. Or a quick pen-and-ink sketch. Or a penciled prophetic portrait….

Watercolor Paper :: Sometimes, you just want the toothy thickness of watercolor paper. We love this brand for its many size options. Great when you need a bit more quality than mixed media.

Heaven to E(art)h